Silent Retreat Miracle

Fall Foliage

People who know me, understand the radical idea of this blog’s title. Get me around people and I’d rather talk or even listen, definitely not enjoy silence.

Why did I feel that I was being prompted to attend the next retreat in the fall? An attendee of the spring retreat spoke from the platform one Sunday in April telling of her experience. Not wanting to be disobedient to a God prompting, I put the idea of signing up  somewhere on the “back burner.”

Then it was the fall, and the pastor was urging people to attend the silent retreat he and his wife were hosting in a cabin beside a lake. The prompting was much stronger this time. I felt compelled to sign up. ME, can you imagine?

We rode in a van over to the cabin and I settled upstairs in a room with two cots. My roommate came in late; it was the woman who spoke in April and decided at the very last minute to come back. Strange.

We went down to supper, a time when people were encouraged to speak. Each of us stated why we were there. Then the talk shifted to how one could hear from God during the retreat.

My roommate, a new Christian, was perplexed; she had not heard voices or seen any visions in the spring. How could she be sure  whether God was speaking to her?

She may have been perplexed, but I finally knew why I had literally been dragged to this retreat. As casually as I could, I told everyone at the table that God speaks to people, audibly, visually, and kinesthetically (through the other senses)…depending on how they each process information. I heard God’s promptings because I’m an audio thinker. Others might feel God speak while out walking in nature. And many experience his voice while they are writing.

Soon it was time to silently retire for the night. The next day with guidance from the pastor, we each went our way to meet again after lunch.

As expected, I received no new revelations that day, just a bit of a rest and new admiration for how God arranges things. For my roommate was bubbling with joy that afternoon when she reported that God did indeed speak to her when she was writing. She had been unaware before, but now she recognized His “voice.”

Location: Fall in New England
Type of Miracle: Reassurance, Guidance



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