Defining the Miracle of the Call


The Miracle of the Call is glimpsing, for a brief moment in youth, the future outcome of the person’s life.


My Books on the Shelf

Sea shore
Sea shore

We walked out of the small conference room where my interview for a technical writer position just concluded. The interviewer lead me back past several cubicles. He pointed to one that was empty and said that would be mine, if I was hired for the job.

Not exactly sure of how the interview had gone, I was surprised at his casual remark. Glancing toward that cubicle, what I saw was even more surprising.  On the overhead shelf I caught the briefest glimpse of my own thesaurus, dictionary and English Simplified standing upright.

Knowing at that moment the job would be mine, little did I realize that the vision was guiding me to a career in technical writing that would last for over 20 years.

CT, 1987
Guidance, Vision